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Welcome to this sensory listening station

The music and sounds used in this listening station have been developed, tested and piloted over the past 8 years. Many listeners have found a regular session (sometimes only five minutes per day) has been beneficial in reducing sensitivities to a range of sensory differences, has facilitated a greater balance and tolerance in respect of sensory integration, and has been helpful in increasing periods of calm, lower anxiety and stress. It has also promoted better sleep health.

The system should be used alongside existing inteventions and therapies and does not replace any established programs. It can also be used alone.

How to use this listening station use THE listening station for a few minutes each and every day

The listening station contains 4 sessions with 4 pieces of music in each session. These can be used across 4 weeks or 4 months, even 4 days if you wish!

There is no specific way to use the listening content. The important thing is to find a way that works for the listener. Everyone will be different.
Each session is on a different web page and can be accessed by clicking the link on the top menu bar.
Participants in the sensory integration programme should try to listen for a minimum of 5 minutes daily. There is a choice of listening on each page.
Try to concentrate as carefully as you can on the sounds.
Listening is best when done using headphones plugged into the headphone socket of your computer.
Facilitators (parents/carers etc) should try to listen alongside participants a least 2 times each week. A headphone amplifier can be used along with the appropriate audio lead and power supply to connect more than one set of headphones and control individual volume levels. Listening should always be carried out in a non-stimulating low-arousal environment that avoids any strong sensory demands such as bright lights or rooms near a kitchen etc. This is especially important if loudspeakers are used instead of headphones.



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